The increasing use of and demand for technology in education brings with it a new set of administrative challenges that few, if any of us, are fully prepared to address without the assistance of well informed products like Generation Safe. The Generation Safe resources assist administrators in developing system-wide protocols and effectively investigating e-safety violations or infractions.

Using the Generation Safe 360 Self Assessment helps schools and districts to create and implement safeguards by creating effective policy, procedures, education, expectations and practices designed to increase digital citizenship for students, parents, staff and administration in ways that most of us simply don’t understand.

The Generation Safe 360 Self Assessment walks a school through a very thorough self assessment designed to include all stakeholders and to address a wide variety of technology and digital citizenship issues that administrators are likely to be faced with in educational settings in a way that prepares educators to embrace the use of technology in education and not avoid it as a result of being unprepared. It allows us to take a proactive rather than a reactive position with regards to technology in learning.

The accompanying Generation Safe resources for investigating e-safety incidents are very helpful in decreasing school and administrative liability exposure as you follow clear and informed recommendations through flow charts and related investigation documents. As a principal, I feel that I have the association of a cadre of well-informed experts to assist me in my investigations as I rely on the interactive investigation tools made available through the Generation Safe 360 Self Assessment and resource documents.

I welcome the rigor of the Generation Safe 360 Self Assessment, and I am confident that the students in my school will be safer and better prepared to make the responsible use of technology a part of their every day lives.

- Steve Giles
  Elementary School Principal
  Jordan School District, Utah, USA

The iKeepSafe Generation Safe website empowers schools and their leaders with the ability to proactively approach pertinent technologies and electronic communications which schools are currently facing or will face in the future. Since the laws concerning technology usage in schools are unsettled and continuing to evolve, it is crucial from both a safety and liability perspective that schools are able to efficiently and effectively plan how and when to respond to technology usage before challenging issues occur. Generation Safe allows schools to examine their policies, plan effective responses, recognize the implicated rights, report issues as appropriate, obtain and organize crucial evidence, and perform necessary follow-up to improve future responses. Overall, iKeepSafe Generation Safe enables schools to establish, organize, implement, and monitor sound practices and to limit unsafe reactive responses which could ultimately increase the potential for liability.

- Penelope R. Glover, Esq
  School Attorney
  Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

Among our many responsibilities, ensuring that our students have a safe learning environment is paramount. I believe that Generation Safe finally provides a comprehensive framework for ensuring that our digitally-inclined students are provided that environment. My team was able to dive deep into what our systemic responsibilities are, what threats exist online, and, perhaps most importantly, they were able to develop familiarity with the incident response tool. All of this has inspired us to work harder and more intelligently around issues of digital citizenship, and I believe that our students will all benefit from the coordinated action and communication that will be associated with our Generation Safe program.

- Joel Hames
  Senior Director, Instructional Technology
  Tamalpais Union High School District

Participation in Generation Safe was the perfect opportunity for our district to begin to put together a comprehensive plan for student safety and responsibility with regard to the use of technology. The 360 Self Assessment tool will give our sites a snapshot of their school and where the planning needs to begin. The conversations that were started in the two day training will allow for more in depth professional dialog as we go back to our schools. The Generation Safe training gave us the foundation we needed to be sure our students are safe and that we educate them in how to navigate in their digital world responsibly. We look forward to our continued learning and progress in this area. Thank you iKeepSafe and Santa Clara County Office of Education!

- Kathie Kanavel
  Santa Clara Unified School District

The Yahoo ikeepSafe Generation Safe 2 day conference was awesome! I really enjoyed some of the tools the presenters showed us in order to help us all become more digitally aware of what is going on with our students and schools. In particular I really enjoyed the Incident Response Chart and flow chart and how school administrators can not only protect schools and districts, but also become more aware as what it means for staff, students and community members to become responsible digital citizens. I also saw value in the 360 Self Assessment, as it showed where our school’s gaps are and where we as a group need to grow and become focused.

But, the best part about the conference is how we walked away with a common vocabulary that can be shared with the whole world. The challenge now is for all of us to agree that this is a good starting point and then to move forward in order to protect our kids and communities from the pitfalls that the web and cellphones have in store for us. The conversation must go on!I would recommend this conference to anyone who has the opportunity to go.

- Andy Masur
  New Valley Continuation High School

I really like Generation Safe. I'm the one that signed us up for this beta and I could see that the software would be really, really useful. I think that you guys have done an awesome job putting it together; it's really easy to use. I like all of the resources that are available, they help us to not have to create everything from scratch. And I also like all the online tutorials.

- Sandy Ogden
  New Valley Continuation High School