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What do schools of the future look like to you? Does every classroom have a tech-savvy teacher at the helm successfully navigating students through the intricacies of new media and cybersafety? Are all children digitally literate—not only safely and ethically using connected devices but spreading those healthy practices throughout their communities?

That’s iKeepSafe’s vision for schools of the future.

The pressing question is how do we make it happen? Today’s administrators and teachers are urgently looking for a proven system that will guide them through the complexities of Web 2.0. Too often, events like cyberbullying, sexting, plagiarizing and hacking push litigious chaos into the forefront of technology adoption, essentially stunting the development of digital citizenship progress. In response to this real and palpable need, we would like to introduce iKeepSafe’s Generation Safe.Generation Safe is the only scalable, cloud-based system of its kind that helps schools holistically integrate media literacy into their curriculum and policies. It’s a tool designed to guide stakeholders through all phases of cyber incident management—with the ultimate goals of stopping lawsuits before they start while creating a vibrant, tech-healthy staff and student body.

What is Generation Safe?

Currently undergoing testing in successful pilot programs around the U.S. and abroad, Generation Safe is being lauded for its research-based content. The system consists of professional development, school self assessment, incident response tool and flowchart, and digital citzenship and social-normaing guidance. While there are other tools claiming to offer similar assistance, Generation Safe™ is the most current, comprehensive digital citizenship product for schools on the market.Let’s not just dream about schools of the future when we can affect change in schools of the present. Both today and tomorrow, educators have the potential to produce globally aware digital citizens and community leaders.