Generation SafeTM - ISTE 2011

Prepare your offline team to navigate the online the world.

What do schools of the future look like to you? Does every classroom have a tech-savvy teacher at the helm successfully navigating their students through the intricacies of new media and cybersafety? Are all children digitally literate not only safely and ethically using connected devices but spreading those healthy practices throughout their communities?

This is iKeepSafes vision for schools of the future . . . and today.

What is Generation SafeTM and how do schools benefit?

Currently undergoing testing in successful pilot programs around the U.S. and abroad, Generation Safe is the only scalable, cloud-based system of its kind that helps schools holistically integrate digital literacy into their curriculum and policies. Its designed to guide stakeholders through all phases of cyber incident management with the ultimate goals of stopping lawsuits before they start while creating a vibrant, tech-healthy staff and student body. The suite consists of:

  • Professional Development and Resource Library: These resources are continuously updated and tailored for all roles in the education community teachers, administrators, school counselors, network managers, technology and media specialists, school nurses and resource officers, community organizations, parents and students.
  • School Self-assessment: Schools use our award-winning online Generation Safe 360 Self-Assessment Tool to find out where they lie on the digital citizenship spectrum. Once they receive their results, they're directed through the next steps for achieving Gold Medal School certification.
  • Incident Response Tool and Flowchart: A tool that guides schools through the investigation process, administrators tell us that they've found this component integral to mapping out their incident management, reporting and follow-up procedures vital for securing the best outcome for students and staff and bypassing legal scandals.
  • Digital Citizenship and Social-norming Guidance: Adults learn how to identify appropriate digital behavior for students and recognize the perceived versus real threats they experience when using connected technologies

How is Generation SafeTM different?

There are no other products like Generation Safe out on the market. It is the most current, comprehensive digital citizenship and cyber incident management tool available. The Generation Safe suite:

  • Offers advanced tools developed through close collaboration with our advisory board of leading global and legal experts on cybersafety and security
  • Empowers schools to create an internal architecture that supports all digital citizenship, safety and leadership needs
  • Has the data and resources to ensure that all participating schools stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting themselves and their student


Frequently asked questions about Generation Safe answered by administrators currently using Generations Safe in their schools.

How do we justify asking principals & teachers to do one more thing when they are already asked to do so much?

"We are in uncharted waters with technology and digital citizenship--every day presents new challenges. This is not just one more thing--Generation safe provides tools and curriculum that will help me and my staff deal with new challenges we face each day in a efficient and effective manner and more importantly, teach our students how to be good digital citizens."

- Michael Anderson, Principal of a Generation SafeTM School

We already have our policies and procedures in place, why should we participate?

"While we have procedure, protocol, and even policy in place, we are likely woefully underprepared for current issues. Our e-safety committee is meeting regularly to discuss our current status and create a digital safety plan, the process alone is opening our eyes and stimulating discussion that would never have happened otherwise. Not only are we more focused on safety issues, but we are discussing improved uses of technology in instruction which has been an unanticipated byproduct of our work. We have found that the PTA and School Community Groups have been both grateful and impressed that we are being so proactive in our approach and that we are doing all we can to embrace technology education for their children and not being resistant to it."

- Steve Giles, Principal of a Generation SafeTM School