Frequently Asked Questions

How is Generation Safe™ different from other Internet safety products?
Generation Safe™ is a unique online tool to provide educators with professional development in the areas of prevention, detection, intervention, and response to cyber incidents. Leading global experts have collaborated to ensure that Generation Safe™ is the most current and comprehensive digital citizenship product for schools on the market.
What can Generation Safe™ do for my school?
Generation Safe™ online tools were developed to help schools build a healthy digital environment.. Some of the benefits are as follows:

•The Generation Safe™ Incident Response Tool guides staff through potential and current cyber incidents, reducing the risks of civil and criminal litigation while increasing the odds for positive outcomes for bystanders, victims, perpetrators, and school officials.

•Through the Generation Safe™ Professional Development, the stakeholders in your school--from the school administrators to the school nurse--will find valuable resources directed to their roles in creating “whole school” digital health.

•Our Generation Safe™ 360 Self Assessment program will lead schools step-by-step through increasing levels of digital citizenship and accreditation to the esteemed Generation Safe™ Gold and Platinum medals.
What kinds of cyber incidents are addressed in Generation Safe™?
Generation Safe™ addresses the prevention, detection, intervention, and response to cyber incidents such as:

• Sexting
• Cyberbullying
• Harassment
• Hacking
• Cheating
• Blackmail
• Boundary Invasion (improper boundaries between teacher and student)
• Etc.
What is the background to Generation Safe™ 360 Self Assessment?
In 2009, the United Kingdom’s South West Grid for Learning released a self-review tool called 360 degree safe™. Because of the proven success of 360 degree safe™ in England, iKeepSafe and South West Grid for Learning collaborated to develop the Generation Safe™ 360 Self Assessment tool for global markets.
Where is Generation Safe™ being used?
Generation Safe™ is a global product, currently being used in the United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and China. iKeepSafe is proud to serve an international audience and has highly benefited from the expertise shared from partners around the globe.
If I am not part of a school, can I still use Generation Safe™?
Yes, we provide subscription pricing to all organizations, policymakers, researchers, law enforcement, and legal teams. Please contact
What training is available for using Generation Safe™?
There are three types of professional training available:

• On-site training by a consultant
• Interactive webinar
• Download

Please contact for pricing and availability.
What support is available for Generation Safe™?
iKeepSafe personnel will answer questions via email. Please contact with questions, comments and suggestions.
How much does Generation Safe™ cost?
Generation Safe™ pricing is determined by the size of the organization, school, or district. Please contact for pricing.
What equipment do I need to use Generation Safe™ tools?
Generation Safe™ online tools are available from any internet browser. Apple’s QuickTime viewer is needed to view videos. To download the latest QuickTime viewer, go to
How do I obtain a login?
Contact for subscriptions and pricing.
I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
In the login window, click on the “Forgot Password?” link. An email will be sent with password instructions.
Where do I direct technical issues about the website?
Please contact to report technical issues.