" Generation Safe helps schools be proactive. Administrators face issues of cyber safety daily and want the overall peace of mind that their schools and students are protected. Generation Safe training and tools help schools build a culture of awareness about digital issues."

- Diana Paradise of San Mateo County Offices of Education

Welcome CoSN Members

It is vital that all school stakeholders (school administrations, executive administrations, boards of education, law enforcement, and parents) work together to ensure that children become digitally literate, safely and ethically using connected devices, and spreading those healthy practices throughout their communities.

That is why we've created Generation Safe, the only scalable, cloud-based system of its kind that helps schools holistically integrate digital literacy into their curriculum and policies. Its designed to guide stakeholders through all phases of cyber incident management with the ultimate goals of stopping lawsuits before they start while creating a vibrant, tech-healthy staff and student body.

CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) contributed to Generation Safe by providing insight and direction in the security section. As a result, CoSN members can access portions of the product as a benefit of their membership.

What is Generation SafeTM?

Currently undergoing testing in successful pilot programs around the U.S. and abroad, Generation Safe consists of:

Generation Safe is the most current, comprehensive digital citizenship and cyber incident management tool available.

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