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Generation Safe™ helps the whole school community navigate the digital environment by providing a comprehensive set of resources for all stakeholders: professional development (online videos), incident management, and a comprehensive self assessment.

Whether you're working to create a positive media environment or minimize the negative effects of a cyber incident, Generation Safe™ tools offer resources and expert advice that will help you navigate the realities of today's digital world. More >

Flow Chart

About the Incident Response Tool
& Flowchart

Incident Response Tool and Flowchart:
The Incident Response Tool and Flowchart guides administrators through all the steps of incident management: fact-finding, documentation, reporting, engaging the appropriate school officials and other stakeholders, as well as outreach to parents, students, and staff.

The Incident Response Tool also helps administrators through the investigation process where they need to ask the right questions to shield the school from liability and secure the best outcome for the victims, perpetrators, and bystanders of any cyber incident.

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Help your school tap the resources and avoid the pitfalls of the digital environment--Generation Safe™ offers training, resources, and action steps for every stakeholder on your team, so that where your students and digital technology are, there is learning—not liability.